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Wae Rebo Traditional Village

Waerebo is a small heritage village situated in pleasant, isolated mountain scenery on the island of Flores in Indonesia. The village is accessible via a steep pathway, four hours walking distance from the nearest village, Dinthor. To reach Dinthor, visitors have to drive four hours from Ruteng, the  [Read More ...]

Komodo Excursion

Komodo Excursion is the only local owned company pioneering tourism development of Flores, Komodo National Park and other islands in Lesser Sunda region. We were always there for you. We grow our business, our heart and our love with positive contributions to the region and the people. Those are peo  [Read More ...]

Komodo Open Trips Adventure

It is time for travel and refreshing. It is time for relaxing dan freeing your mind. It is time for venturing in Komodo National Park with Komodo Charter Boat under Komodo Trans Wisata Management. Come and feel the sensation of being in another planet. Some unforgetable moments are waiting for you w  [Read More ...]

Komodo Day Tours

Komodo Island is one of the Indonesia National Park and is now established at Komodo National Park which include other four small island; Rinca, Padar, Kerora and Papagaran. The Komodo National Park covers an area of 1817 square kilometers. There are many other small islands around Komodo to be deve  [Read More ...]

Kelimutu 3 Color Crater Lake

Kelimutu is a volcano close to the town of Moni in central of Flores Island in Indonesia . Kelimutu consists of three crater lakes and the colors of the lakes change over time by chemical reaction of any minerals contained in the lake triggered by volcano gas activity.The local community considers t  [Read More ...]

The Komodo Island Tours

Welcome to Komodo Island Tours Indonesia. Komodo National Park and Komodo Adventure Tours Special Offer either for Individual or Group Trip. There are many options to join the Komodo Adventure Tours such boat trip from Labuan Bajo or Komodo Liveaboard Cruises. Book now your Komodo Adventure Tours wi  [Read More ...]

Gili Laba Island and Hilltop

Gili Laba Hilltop is a beautiful small island near the main island Komodo. Gili Laba is an uninhabited island located one hour away from Komodo Island. From Labuan Bajo, it will take around four hours to get to the island. The island has become a popular travelers’ destination since the rise o  [Read More ...]

Rinca Island Overview

Rinca Island is close to Labuan Bajo with just 2,5 hours away by boat. Rinca Island is a home of the biggest lizard in the world, variety of while animals, numerous species of bird and several tropical flora as a habitat. It is located between Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island and become one of the tour  [Read More ...]

Padar Island Komodo

Padar is an exotic island, situated on south of Komodo national park where Komodo Dragons and wild life are survive until today but it is needed time to find them and needed professional tour guide and ranger from the authority. On Komodo tour packages, Padar island included on package but because o  [Read More ...]

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Cunca Rami is one of new west Flores tourist destination that was concept special for eco tourism activities is supported by natural resource on this region. The area has many interesting to do activities with trek or hiking to reach. Our team has explored this region beginning of July 2010.Follow t  [Read More ...]