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Padar Island Komodo

Padar is an exotic island, situated on south of Komodo national park where Komodo Dragons and wild life are survive until today but it is needed time to find them and needed professional tour guide and ranger from the authority. On Komodo tour packages, Padar island included on package but because of season visiting permitted so any package not describe insight. When visitor need to visit Padar island, should be asking to local travel company to know which month available to go. During wet season January to February when coming through with strong wind any tour operator and travel company in Flores island not arrange the tour to Padar island since not safe for visitor on bad weather.

Padar is suit for landscape photographer where all the island fully hill to set up the camera to see wonder of the islands around Komodo national park, Savu sea and Flores sea, Savanna and driest forest. During the visiting is not guaranteed to see Komodo Dragons and wild life but depend how lucky you are on holidays. Visitors should be asking the right information before arrival due to weather change any time where the local wooden boats difficult to reach if get strong wind and strong current.

Padar island is the third big islands at Komodo national park with all same topography, weather or climate with other islands in the park. Since few year ago Pada become one of best destination for photographer passion especially for landscape. On the same time we offer Padar island on tours to Komodo to enjoy wonder of landscape of Jurassic park but in seasonal visiting, it depend on weather is happening.  For all visitor who want to visit the island of Padar, pleased kindly to get real information with Flores island tour operator and Travel company that know very well local condition and how to make well arrangement for travel to Komodo national park. Flores travel company will give visitors detail travel information about all kind of tours to Komodo national park. Padar is a group of the island of; Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang. All arrangement can be combined with Flores Komodo tours and Travel to visit Flores island and Komodo national park.