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Pink Beach Komodo

Pink Beach or Pantai Merah  is one of seven pink beaches on the planet, and is just one of the many amazing features of  that make it truly a Natural Wonder of Nature. Located immediately west of  island in ,  Komodo Island is one of three larger and many islets that make up the Komodo National Park, and is particularly well-known as the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon. The Komodo Dragon is the largest living lizard, and takes its name after the island.

Pink Beach Komodo is a very beautiful beach with pink sand stretch along the coastal located in Komodo National Park. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations because of the scenic view, color of sand and beautiful underwater life. The pink color of sand is formed from pieces of red coral. But, the truth is a kind of amoeba microscopic animals called Foraminifera which produce red or pink light on the reef. If we take a pinch of sand, and then shown red sand in between the white sand. Meanwhile, the grains of sand were smooth and soft. So, it is ideally for relaxation and sunbathing on it. Moreover, the pink beach become famous and appointed as one of stop point during Komodo Dragon Tours.

Furthermore, It is one of tourist destinations and a must-stop beach after trekking in Komodo Island. It will take 15 minutes away by boat from the Loh Liang boat jetty. The beach will captivate you to jump off the boat and start for swimming when arriving at this place. Meanwhile, the coral reefs are healthy and colorful those captivate each visitor to go for snorkeling. You can enjoy your lovely relaxation on the beach for sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling as well as play around. In addition, it is a secluded beach with serenity ambiance and very far from bustle city.

The beach has pink sand along its coastline. Furthermore, the pink color is caused by the mixture of white calcium carbonate and the bright red skeletons of dead organ pipe corals which grow under its waters. Pink Beach is also has various kind of amazing marine life and coral reefs. Moreover, there are thousand kinds of fish and 70 kinds of sponges live in this area. Each visitor can go for diving and snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful panorama of underwater life.

The island where the pink beach located is empty of population. It is because of the island too small and no much of life found there including the trees. The surface of land is dry and then green of grass when the raining season. However, this beach is very popular among the tourists who visit Komodo Island. Komodo Dragon Tours are the most favorite tourist activities to visit Komodo Dragons free living in their habitats. After completion of trekking on the island of Komodo, then the next we can enjoy relaxation while swimming, snorkeling and laying down on this beautiful beach.