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The Komodo Island Tours

Welcome to Komodo Island Tours Indonesia.

Komodo National Park and Komodo Adventure Tours Special Offer either for Individual or Group Trip. There are many options to join the Komodo Adventure Tours such boat trip from Labuan Bajo or Komodo Liveaboard Cruises. Book now your Komodo Adventure Tours with the expert.

Komodo Adventure Tours reviews for Komodo Liveaboard cruise, dive safari and special program to Komodo National Park.

Komodo Island forms part of the chain of islands towards the east of Indonesia commonly known as the Lesser Sunda Islands. Komodo Island and its surrounding islands are of specific scientific interest and therefore the Komodo National Park has been established. The island offers world class diving, and of course the chance to engage with the endemic world’s largest monitor lizard, the Komodo Dragon. The island has an area of 390km2 and a population of roughly 2000 ethnic Bugis.

We as Komodo Tours agent is an established organization and specializes in facilitating tours and trips. Its professional staff are multilingual, and have a wide knowledge of the island. There is comprehensive information available about the island, a variety of tour packages, Komodo Island diving tours, day trips, plus trekking and overland tours too. To get to Komodo Island one first needs to reach Flores. This is most accessible from either Bali or Lombok, and entry gates are either Labuan Bajo or Maumere. There are regular daily flights from Denpasar Bali to Labuan Bajo and Maumere, making bookings strait forward, and trips can be arranges from anything from two up to eight days at a time.

Typical ventures include jungle trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing, and on these ventures you can really appreciate the vastness of Komodo’s biodiversity, pristine marine environment, and crystal clear waters. There are of course spectacular views of breathtaking scenery, natural formations, and countryside to be savored and various species of wild animals to be encountered. Komodo Tours is a truly unique experience and cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world. This part of Indonesia is nothing like Bali, Sumatera, or Java, since the Lesser Sunda Islands are separated by a deep underwater fissure known a s the Wallace line, and this represents totally different geology, climate, and both flora and fauna. Komodo Tours is capable of designing a tailor made tour to suit the \needs and capabilities of the accompanying party. The service is therefore highly personalized which is very impressive. Catering is highly regarded and all welcome guests are constantly attended to, fed, watered, and not just left out to dry! Eco Tours organized by Komodo Tours will also make certain that guests get a chance to see and get up and personal with the surrounding beautiful islands called Rinca, Bidadari, plus many others.

The boats and equipment used on Komodo Tours are second to none. Even if the sea decides to whip up a breeze and spray the decks, then the boats luxurious interiors are sure to comfort you. The compartments are design for elite travelers who like to travel in style and luxury. The staff have over a decade of experience and will be sure to look after your heath and safety and happily welcome you aboard.