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Bali ATV Ride Tour

Bali ATV Riding Tour is a special tour package by motor cycle which has four wheels. It’s usually used by the people for agriculture or recreation. It’s wheel is specially modified with high tire. So, it just used at unfamiliar route only. It has 250 cc and 350 cc power of engine. Easy driving , at wet condition or some obstacles of up and down hill road.

With its power it can passed which motor cycle commonly doesn’t. It is YAMAHA product that has five gear level. Some used automatic clutch and another used manual clutch. It is balance, it can not turn upside down except you turning suddenly very sharp with high speed. If you followed its instruction and ride carefully, it has exciting journey.

ATV Program offers you a four-wheeled motorcycle ride with unforgettable experience and challenging adventure to accomplish including going through the winding, sloping down and upward routes. During this program, you will also go down to Melangit river and follow the river stream, and go through bushes around it where there are numerous fauna to notice in its neighborhood including monkeys, bird and many other. Upon completion the Melangit River tracks, the adventure will be continued to farm and plantation areas. In these areas, you will be able closely observe local farmers cultivating their land and their team work spirit headed by Kelian Subak or chief of farmers union.

bali atv adventure After that you will go through the local village where you can experience the local village atmosphere together with its villager’s daily activities. Finally, the adventure will go through the Elephant Park to witness the activities of tame elephants that have been living in the middle of Bakas Village community.
This program also offers you some other benefit.