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Lombok Rinjani Trekking 3D/2N

Climb to Mount Rinjani should be in March, April, May, June, July, August, September and on until early November, when the rainy season, we do not point to take the risk / roads very slippery and learner moss grows and we hope to cancel every think

DAY 1: Hotel - Sembalun Lawang
Wake up on 05.00 am from the hotel in Mataram city, Senggigi, Breakfast depart from the hotel to transport us to Sembalun Lawang village travel more than 3 hours. 08.00 am: Arrive at the gate Sembalun Lawang, our journey began, about about 2 hours until we in the post and I rested a few minutes and then continue the journey to post-III. arrived around 13:00, Arrive in post-III preparation for the rest of the lunch dishes Bohari. 14:00 am: after lunch we climb high enough, climbing about 3 hours until we have been in Plawangan sembalun crater rim with 2,639 meters altitude. at 16:00 or 17:00 pm has arrived in Plawangan Sembalun crater rim in the mid-body of Mount Rinjani with 2,600 meters altitude, we help in installing tents by porters and preparation of dinner dishes Bohari, and more overnight Plawangan Sembalun see location or click plawangan sembalun (Rinjani mountain spine).

DAY 2: Plawangan Sembalun crater rim - Lake Segara Anak
Wake up morning on 06.00 hours 07.00 am finished breakfast, we will go to the lake Segara Anak - a trip to the lake more than 3 hours (decreased). The climber should lithesome downhill slope with a slope of sandstone ranging 40-80 degrees. Noteworthy is that the risk of debris rock climber who endanger lives. Arriving in Lake around 12:00 pm or 03 hours (according to ability and on time) we break edge of Lake Segara Anak, the New Mount look beautiful and still active, a few minutes and then we go to the source of natural hot water. For Lombok, reliable hot water bath can cure all diseases, especially skin diseases, rheumatism, etc., to swim in natural hot water only a few minutes. lunch meal is ready in around the lake fishing while you have time. 16:00 pm, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the surrounding scenery while dinner is prepared by cooking our porters around the lake also you can see the stars in the sky while and talked with colleagues or friends. Dinner and overnight in tents on the lake Segara Anak.

DAY 3: Segara Anak Lake - Plawangan Senaru - Senaru Village - Senggigi or end destination
Morning call at 6 am from the Lake Segara Anak, At 07.00 am: after breakfast, we start running even in the lake, you will nanjak more slowly toward Plawangan Senaru around 10 km or 6 hours, and there, winding mousetrap many point to Plawangan Senaru, rest in the post lunch II is in prepare, is estimated to arrive in the village of Senaru ability Bohari 3 hours, arrived in the village of Senaru: where we provide a vehicle is waiting. the estimate arrived at the village Senaru around 3 pm, then travel to the Rose with the vehicle. 15:00 pm: arrive at Senggigi or drive and night at Gili's or to the hotel check-in options to you.